Short stories I read in 2020

Sell Out: Part One
By Simon Rich

The Liberation of Ghost City
by Elly Bangs

The Cat Who Walked a Thousand Miles
Kij Johnson

A Layer of Catherines
By: Elisabeth R. Moore

Unauthorized Bread: Real rebellions involve jailbreaking IoT toasters
Cory Doctorow

A Ghost in Brazil
Kikuko Tsumura
Translated by Polly Barton

No Sacrifice to the Elder Gods Is Ever Wasted
By Jack Remiel Cottrell

Snow day
by Kathryn Kulpa

Nesbit: Ghost Stories

Underground, Part 1

The Way We Live Now
By Susan Sontag

Janelle C. Shane

Disturbing Animal Facts
by Aimee Parkison and Meg Pokrass

The Great Silence
by Ted Chiang

The Premature Burial
by Edgar Allan Poe

Strangers No More
Ryan Bradford

Old Hope
By Clare Sestanovich

The Weird Visa
Annalee Newitz

by Katherine Brook