March 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to my second monthly email newsletter. I’ll be sharing some stuff I’ve worked on in February.

I participated in the Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library. I mailed my sketchbook in yesterday. Click here to see a digitized copy. If you’re ever in Brooklyn and want to check out my sketchbook, my book’s number is B436803.

I’ve started to create online PDFs of my zines. Check out The Taco Stand at the Edge of the Woods and Cogs in the Machine.

Line art portraits for February 2018
Watercolor Portraits
Big Hair Don’t Care
Pink Melancholia
Featured Redbubble Item
Rebel Rebel
Thought Portal
Here’s a cool story I read in the book Kepler’s Witch about the Maidens’ War

No one becomes a billionaire without being corrupt

As someone who tried very hard and failed to leave her working class upbringing, I can relate to this very much.

The notion that poverty is primarily a consequences of moral lack soothes the consciences of the middle class, underlies the assumption that poor people are bad parents, and justifies a system of permanent totalitarian surveillance in their lives.

A riot is the language of the unheard.

Some thoughts on re-reading Fahrenheit 451 for the Book Suey book club.