February 2019 Newsletter

Some Highlights from February 2019

Here is my sketchbook work for the month. Follow me on Instagram to see process videos of them as well. Print out a zine of this art work. Get this art on Redbubble gear.

Here are my Line Art Portraits for the month. Print out a zine of this work. Get this art on Redbubble gear.

I’ve also made started drawing buildings. Get this art on Redbubble gear.

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Here are my favorite Thought Portal posts of February.

We need to talk more about how many of the food rules targeted at women come from men who will never have our bodies or wrestle with our cultural expectations—

J Dilla and Lo-Fi Hip-Hop.

In Her First Race, Kamala Harris Campaigned as Tough on Crime — and Unseated the Country’s Most Progressive Prosecutor.

Your survival has never depended on your knowledge of white culture. In fact, it’s required your ignorance.

One of the main reasons I have chosen not to have children is because I think consciousness is a burden that I would never want to condemn anyone to. I wouldn’t go as far as this guy and sue my parents for having me without my permission but I also don’t think I owe my parents any sort of gratitude for bringing me into a world I would rather not be in.

In a new study, researchers uncovered female programmers who made important but unrecognized contributions to genetics.

Archbishop’s register reveals how Joan of Leeds crafted a dummy of her body that was buried, while she pursued ‘the way of carnal lust’

I continue to be disappointed in this country’s amnesia of VERY recent war criminals.

An amazing article about 15 people whose lives are changed by a sudden influx of cash.

The Children of Men and the gross depravity of capitalism.

Send this link to every store you shop at, your state reps, senators, mayors, city planners, county officials, governors. Ask them, what are we doing with our garbage and recycling and what are we doing to design better systems and products to reduce our waste?

He said he would think about buying the moccasins—made with smoke tanned moose hide that takes days to prepare—as he left the center but opted instead to pay more than $200 for a pair of sneakers that cost just a few dollars to manufacture overseas, the profit going to corporations and not an Indigenous artist.

The truth is, men are not the most reliable arbiters of whether sex was consensual.

How can you trust people who clapped harder for Viggo Mortensen playing a white savior than for Spike Lee leaping into Samuel L. Jackson’s arms? One version of the Oscars is beautiful, and one is the truth.