2019 05 Newsletter

Some Highlights from May 2019

Here is my sketchbook work for the month. Follow me on Vimeo to see process videos of them as well. Print out a zine of this artwork. Get this art on Redbubble gear.  

Here are my Line Art Portraits for the month. Print out a zine of this work. Get this art on Redbubble gear.

I made a zine of my superman ice cream series. Get them on gear in my Redbubble store.

Check out my new Vimeo page. I chose Vimeo over youtube because it seems less volatile. I like how easy it is to use, that it doesn’t have ads, and that (so far at least) the users aren’t creepy.  

Subscription Package

Here is the subscription box for May.

If you’d like to support me on a continuous regular basis you can set up a monthly donation to my art supply fund. Below are all the levels of regular donation you can contribute, everything over a dollar comes with rewards. If you’d like to make a one-time contribution go here.

Here are my favorite Thought Portal posts of May.

A linguist’s trick to perfectly understanding people with different accents.

Fiction I love: A Dark Fairytale About Post-Earth Education.

Italians trying to be quiet.

A small town Russian doctor turned writer.  

One time my boyfriend said, “How are we going to communicate with aliens when we can’t even talk to animals.” I think about it all the time.  This short story by Ted Chiang is a great illustration of that statement.

Wicked stepchildren.

The cost of a carbon-free future.

The price of a cashless future.

The joys of solitude.

Lawns suck up water, fertilizer, and time. Here’s a look at how we got into this mess – and where we could go from here.   

Gorbachev and Herzog sit down for a chat.

Spy whale. Cyber Punk is now!

Seize the Media.

Kids these days: Ancient Sumeria

The U.S. carceral state is large, cruel and unnecessary.