The Man with Dark Eyes and a Dark Coat

It’s night. It’s raining. She is lost in a strange city and she doesn’t speak the language. Trapped in the subway station. The machine ate her card. A handsome man with dark eyes and a dark coat offers to help her. He holds a turnstile open for her. She follows him down a series of staircases. It’s dark and dirty and gets darker and dirtier the deeper underground they go. They reach an unlit platform. Sparks illuminate in flashes as metal wheels hit the third rail.  It feels empty and cavernous but somehow also crowded. It’s hard to tell if there are any people or just a fog. She reaches for the man with dark eyes and a dark coat but loses him in the mist. She can no longer tell which direction she is facing. A loud screeching, the sound of a train or a mass of people screaming? She pushes her way through the crowd or the fog and finds a staircase. She climbs, higher and higher, through the subway system until she is out on the street but now she is like the fog and no one can see her and she screams but only the sound of a screeching train leaves her mouth. She falls down onto the sidewalk turning from fog, into mist, into water droplets, then into a puddle that drains down onto the street and into the gutter.



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