Oh… Is that time of year again? Where an epic journey begins for one singular specific sweet, fleshy tree spawn. This year 27 Detroit Artists have worshipped, pondered, contemplated, labored, travailed over this tangy juicy tropical god made of aromatic edible yellow flesh. It’s scaly tough segmented skin is only accentuated by tufts of long hard shank-like leaves. Have you guessed it yet? Of course you have, I am sorry, that was weird that I thought hadn’t… that’s right, smarty pants… it is PINEAPPLES!!! Are you looking forward to undulating your lips around its moist insides, tasting the sweet ananas? Well look no further, for on Saturday, July 31st the 7th annual fruit show, curated by Alice V. Schneider will be upon us at Public Pool. Please join us for an opening artists reception on the 31st from 6-10pm, where not only are our lips undulating , but also our hips for some smooth DJ stylings will be echoing through our ears. Artworks will be on view Saturdays 1-6pm with a closing karaoke party on August 21st, 6-10pm.

curated by
Alice V. Schneider

Public Pool is located at 3309 Caniff Street in Hamtramck, MI 48212.