Commissions and Freelance Services

I am available for commissions of art and writing and am also available for ongoing freelance writing and art projects. I’ve been writing freelance since 2000 for various online publications on a variety of subjects such as food, gardening, pop culture, history, music, movies, books, and trivia. I’ve also written SEO content and product descriptions for catalogs. I have created marketing materials, both print and digital, as well as maintained online marketing campaigns and email newsletters. I’ve created flyers, album art, and logos for bands. I’ve participated in group shows in Detroit, Chicago, Geneva, Mumbai, and San Francisco. I’ve done illustration work for online and print publications.

An ongoing freelance project is $30/hr

One-time illustration $30-$150

One-time piece of writing: negotiable

Payments can be made through PayPal or Venmo.

I have the right to drop or refuse a project at any time for any reason. (If you’ve already paid, it will be refunded!)

After I have accepted to do a project, I will update regularly on the progress of the piece. At this stage, you have a chance to ask for a few adjustments/fixes. Pieces can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months to complete. To finish and release the work, the payment has to be made in full.

I may use any piece to post on social media, on my website, or as an advertisement for my work.

Please feel free to post the work on social media but please tag me/link me in the post.

Examples and Inquires
Here are examples of some of my Freelance Writing and Freelance Art.

To inquire, contact me by email at with “Commissions and Freelance Services” in the subject line. Please include a link to your social media if you have one. You can reach me in the DMs on my social media accounts as well.