November 2018 Thought Portal

Thought Portal

I will still be posting to my Thought Portal tumblr but I’ll be putting my fav posts of the month in a post on my own website. Just to have a partial archive that isn’t tumblr. Here are my favs from November.

Through the lens of economic need, people’s reasons for engaging in sex work reappear not as aberrant or abject, but as a rational survival strategy in an often shitty world.

Podcast ep all about how cool the Devil is, especially for people of marginalized genders and sexualities.

D&D Party Member With -3 Charisma Keeps Trying to Fucking Roll Deception

Existential Comics (aka Corey Mohler) joins Brett to discuss the philosophy, politics, and historical context of Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus.

This podcast episode is probably the most delightful bit of media on the apocalypse I’ve ever heard.

Victorian Mansions, The Gilded Age, and Haunted Houses.

Birthright laws in the US changed as people from countries colonized by the US started wanting to move to the place their nations’ wealth was going.

The Suffragette who followed Churchill around with a big bell and rang it every time he tried to speak publically.

Transgender people of the middle ages.

How classical sculpture was painted and how it was later presented as all white and that lead to false ideas of the classical world.