March 2019 Thought Portal

Here are my favorite Thought Portal posts of March.

I feel like if more people understood the Iran-Contra scandal the more people would understand the current presidential scandals.

Celebrity College Bribery Ring Draws Attention To Incarceration Of Black Parents For Lesser Crimes.

Pollution is a civil rights issue.

“Just once I want to speak to a room of white people who know they are there because they are the problem.” White fragility and racism.

People seem to have amnesia of all the ways Joe Biden is trash. Here is a huge one.

Alessandra Mussolini, grand daughter of Benito Mussolini, got into a twitter tiff with Jim Carrey.
She’s been defending her fascist grandfather for years, going as far a suing people for slander.

The white savior trope is boring and only serves to make white people alleviate themselves from the responsibility of racism.

Some thoughts on the Jordan Peele movie US. here and here.

On a lighter note, a dog who loves the car wash and a video gamewith no objective.