February 2018 Thought Portal

Weird History Podcast is doing a series on the history of North Korea and how it split from the peninsula. https://tmblr.co/ZwDm2e2UfKE_X

I’m reading Romantic Outlaws right now, a book about Mary Shelley and her feminist writer mother Mary Wollstonecraft. I highly recommend it. This podcast is an interview with another Mary Shelley biographer. I really wish I had known more about Mary Shelley’s life the first time I read Frankenstein. Learning about her life has given me a much deeper understanding of the characters in the novel.

I’ve been thinking a lot about apocalyptic periods in history lately, the end of the bronze age, the fall of Rome, the black plague, and what happens after that when the world seems like it’s going to end but doesn’t.

Everytime I hear a man criticize the #METOO movement I think about what it is they are really criticizing. What parts of manhood are they defending? What kind of man do they want to be?

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