April 2019 Thought Portal

Here are my favorite Thought Portal posts of April.

Memories of a Court Room Artist.

China’s National Sword policy is a crisis for recycling in municipalities all over the United States.

You’re Wrong About is my new favorite podcast. I’ve been binging episodes. The one about The “Ebonics” Controversy is particularly good.

Coding Is for Everyone—as Long as You Speak English

Tech Bro biohacking is another way of describing an eating disorder.

Birds and quantum entanglement.

A hopeful message from the future.

why don’t men apologize more?

A bunch of examples of how Joe Biden is Trash.

Sexism and Writers Workshops

Legislators might succeed in granting citizens more control over the data that they generate by using the Internet, but social-media companies will, presumably, continue to treat their users like little countries that can be strip-mined to make other people rich.

This is my absolute favorite thing I read in April.