2019 06 Thought Portal

Here are some of my favorite Thought Portal posts of June.

Luchita Hurtado reflects on her eight-decade-long career.

A great article on a book series I love, Murderbot.

Muralist paid by the city of Detroit to make art, harassed by Detroit police.

Henry Rollins on toxic masculinity in America.

Ta-Nehisi Coates and the terrorism that proceeded the civil war.

Leonora Carrington and surrealist narratives.

this story is bananas and you should click on the link to see how it ends.

Are you suffering from Existential Dread?

Any time I try to talk to someone about the HBO show, Chernobyl, and they say “Russia hates it” it lets me know that they get all of their information in 30 second sound bites and don’t actually take the time to learn anything. Read a book, or you know, start with this podcast made by the creator of the show.

The Bartleby of domestic work.

The story behind the Guggenheim.

A new podcast, The Last Bohemians.

A zombie movie made by Indigenous People.